Fairy Dust on My Doorstep Collages

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Kate from fairydustonmydoorstep and prettydressesinthelaundry. Email katiek95@hotmail.com for inquiries or message me through the ask option users online

Other blogs? http://prettydressesinthelaundry.tumblr.com/ and http://fairydustonmydoorstep.tumblr.com/

Is Sam part of this blog? No

What program do you use? Paint

How do you make your collages?   http://fairydustcollages.tumblr.com/post/8334953569/a-tutorial-for-everyone-who-has-asked-how-to-make

Will you make me a banner? Yes, if you just message me, I will make one. It may take a while and I won’t respond to your message until I have finished it. 

Where do you find the backgrounds for your collages? Tumblr mostly.

Where do you find the photos of the girls in your collages? Around tumblr, but normally prettydressesinthelaundry.tumblr.com

Where do you find the quotes? People suggest them or I find them on the internet.

How do you make the writing? I make it myself on paint download fonts or on Polyvore. 

Will you email me your backgrounds? Yes, just send me your email address and any in particular you want.

How many followers? 10 000 +

Will you make me a collage? Yes, send me a message and I will give you my email.

Which collage are you most proud of? My collage with 78 000 + notes